Some of our Past and Present Projects!

  • US Forest Service - Upgraded Roosevelt and Arapahoe National Forest Base, Repeater, Personnel and 150+ vehicles to mandated narrow band VHF system.
  • DirecTV - Provided cellular coverage over 15 acres and 6 buildings at their Castle Rock Sattelite uplink facility.
  • Seagate Technologies - Provided multiple cellular carrier coverage in a 1,000,000 square foot, design and research facility.
  • San Miguel Power Association - Installed multiple point load control SCADA system in substations.
  • Town of Wheatland - Installed multiple point load control SCADA systems in substation and office.
  • City of Fort Collins - Designed and installed two-way communications system for Water Treatment facility and Waste Management facility. Also designed and installed cellular coverage solution in multiple city buildings.
  • Medical Center of the Rockies - Designed and installed in-building, state 800MHz SMR coverage solution; UHF Repeater system linked via LAN to Poudre Valley Hospital for Security and back-up communications. VHF medical channel link to the ER for Ambulance and Flight for Life communications.
  • City of Fountain - Installed and maintain multiple point load control SCADA system in substations and city office.
  • Christian Satellite Network - Installed and Maintain multiple Satellite Down-Link and FM Transmitters.

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